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Omni-Chain Decentralised Identity Infrastructure
Eliminate the risk, costs and hassles related to storing and managing passwords
Built on W3C Self-Soverign Identity Standards, empowers users to control their own data
User centric UX design enables an effortless and quick secure login mechanism
Own and monetize your personal data. Earn direct and passive income
Our Mission
Eliminate Data Breaches
Empower Humans to regain
control of their personal data
Democratize security for enterprises at an affordable pricepoint
What problem we solve
Issues faced by consumers
Get more details on the issues we are solving both for consumer-oriented systems and enterprises
OTP [One Time Password] Logins
The OTP is based on SMS channels which cannot be considered secure. Moreover, end users do not feel comfortable sharing phone numbers since phone numbers have become critical pieces of personal information.
Insecure Channel
Wireless interception, Trojans, SIM swap attacks
Users hesitation in sharing phone numbers
OTP is sharable
Social login
There are many problems we analyzed
with social logins, such as storage of user
personal data, tracking & tracing, data misuse, legacy authentication using passwords that require too much trust.
Legacy Authentication
Central Storage
Data misuse
Tracking and tracing
Current solutions require much trust
"In current identity systems, the IDP sits in the center of the ecosystem, making it a critical and trusted entity. Putting too much trust in one system is a problem."
Hypersign distributes the trust among stakeholders
We replace trust with Decentralised Identifiers (DID)
Users give personal-data to issuers, which verify and issue cryptographically signed documents.

The end-user can store the verifiable credential in any user-agent such as a mobile device or cloud agent which only they have access to.

The user can now present this credential to the service provider, in a peer-to-peer fashion without notifying the identity provider or the issuer.

The verifier need not to rely on the issuer or the IDP to be available online for verification of credentials given by the user.
Unique features
Build Trust and End
Phishing Attacks
Hypersign, not only enables websites to authenticate users, it also enables users to ensure that the website is safe before sharing any critical information.
Lower Operation Costs
and Optimize Workflow
Hypersign enables websites to verify credentials on their own without the need to connect with any of the
Identity Providers or their
How it Works
Users, Service Providers and Identity Providers register the Hypersign Network
User requests credentials from Identity Provider, Identity Provider verifies the user data and issues a signed credential
"One step" User Registration & Login, by providing credentials to Service Provider. The Service Provider verifies signature of user and Identity Provider on Hypersign Network
User unlocks Hypersign using PIN or Biometrics
QR appears on website, User scans QR and Digital-Signature is sent to AuthServer
AuthServer validates the signature using a smart contract on a blockchain
User is authenticated
Authentication Servers connect with the blockchain to validate signatures
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Tools and software
Hypersign offers four main tools for any enterprise to rapidly deploy decentralized passwordless authentication solution with a low TCO [Total Cost of Ownership].
Hypersign Identity Wallet
For: End-user

Type: Mobile app, browser

Usage: To store and manage
private keys and verifiable
Hypersign Studio
For: Identity Provider

Type: Web Application

Usage: To manage connections, credentials (issuance revocation etc.)
Hypersign SDK
For: Service Provider

Type: SDK

Usage: To show QR code,
connect with Hypersign
blockchain network to verify
Hypersign Adapters
For: Centralised IDP

Type: SDK

Usage: To convert existing IAM solutions into decentralised password-free systems
Hypersign Use Cases
Eliminate User Names & Passwords
Improve user experience whilst adding security
Empower teams to work from anywhere
ID & Access Management
Automate manual processes
Eliminate 3rd party forms
Add legitimacy & transparency for users
Eliminate Bots
IDO Whitelisting
Ensure all users data is verified
Empowering users to control their own data
Adherence to W3C standards
Verified Data Markets
Enable KYC provides to adopt W3C standards
Eliminate the risk and cost for storing user data
Ensure compliance with local data privacy laws
KYC Infrastructure
HID token
Token Utility
End-users can pay for credentials to the issuer directly from the identity wallet without needing to go through any Signup processes.
Paying for credential
IDPs are earning revenue through verifying transactions and maintaining the network instead of selling user data.
Incentivizing Identity and Service Providers
Marketplace commissions will be sent directly to HID/DAI and HID/ETH liquidity pool. Users could then also act as liquidity providers and receive HID LP tokens in exchange
The Hypersign network comes with a basic payment infrastructure for any party to set up a payment layer
HID Coin - Hypersign network's native currency

Payment Channel - which helps to set up the pay-per-usage configuration

Dashboard - to manage transactions
Data Marketplace and HID Liquidity Pool
Own and monetize your personal data

Earn fees through HID liquidity pool
Business & Strategy
Product & Engineering
Research & Development
With more than a decade's experience in working with 30+ governments and Telecom Regulatory Authorities across the globe to build security and data exchange infrastructures. From Network Security to Smart Passports, Irfan has been in the semiconductor business for a while.

Irfan has previously worked in the security space since 2006 from Gemalto [Thales], Cisco, and even Citrix, his last corporate role was Regional Manager for the Middle East, Africa and Eastern Europe. In 2016 he quit his corporate life to follow his passions. With an educational background in Business, Chemistry and Behaviorism. In the day he is heading Hypermine, and a part time electronic musician by night.
Vikram is A full stack engineer and frontend architect. Having 6+ years of Experience in building applications. His last role was Engineering Lead for a small Agile team of 6 members.

At Hypermine Vikram helps to roll our fullstack PoC's lean and quick. He is also involved in finding the right team members to work with.
On weekends you can find him playing drums at any local bar.
Vishwas is a developer turned researcher. His research work revolves around Blockchain, Cryptography and Security. He was the core developer of Vajra - which is India's premier blockchain project which was to migrate India's national payment network onto a forked Stellar Platform.

Before co-founding Hypermine. He has industry level experience of Bitcoin-core, Stellar-core, and ZCash code bases. Outside of daily work, he is deeply engaged in 'learning and development' programs in some of the Engineering colleges in South India. He holds a Degree in Engineering and loves to ride bicycles and write poetries in his free time.

Investment Relations
Himanshu Bisht
Outreach & Ecosystem
Nikola Stojanow
Strategy & Partnerships
Best Payment
Security 2019
Best Blockchain
Security 2019
Best Emerging
Security 2019
Block OG Capital
Twin Apex Capital
Harmony Blockchain
Drops Ventures
Prometeus Labs
NGC Ventures
JECO Capital
Meta Change Capital
Best Decentralised Payment Security 2020
Best Decentralised Identity 2020
Exnetwork Capital
Master Ventures
LD Capital
Nabais Capital
Rarestone Capital
AU21 Capital
Road Map
April - June 2021
DeFi farming contract development

Audit of Defi farming contract

Farming launch

Hypersign Identity Infrastructure v0.5 launch on product hunt (pre-beta)

July - August 2021
DID registry smart contract development

Community-based testing on L1 Testnet

DID registry contract audit
September - October 2021
DID registry L1 main-net launch
- Hypersign Identity

Infrastructure v0.7 launch on product hunt (Beta)

Onboarding customers to prod-beta.

Work on _Hypersign Data Market_ place starts
November 2021 - January 2022
Development on Data Market carries on

Proof of concept of Hypersign Data Market

Data Buyers/Sellers onboarding (Internal within Hypersign Community)

Test Piolet of Data Market ( $HID and $DAI coin holders only)

Hypersign Identity Infrastructure v1 launch on product hunt
February - March 2022
L2 Development Begins

L2 Staking contract development Begins
Hypersign is a product of Hypermine Labs (C) All Rights Reserved. 2021
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